About Venture Accounting

Venture Accounting specializes in accountancy services for contractors, freelancers and consultants who want to operate through a limited company.

The company was founded by Alun Davies, a chartered accountant, who has over twenty years of accountancy expertise. Initially he worked for PWC and then for international banks in Europe and Asia.  Having worked with many contractors in the past, Alun gained an in-depth knowledge of the contracting world, and saw an opportunity to offer a service to people who were taking the plunge and opting to work for themselves.

“It’s a big step to go it alone if you’ve been used to working as an employee.” he says. “And it can be intimidating too. You want to get everything right, but the last thing you need is to be worrying about piles of paperwork and HMRC deadlines when you’ve got your day job to concentrate on.”

“Venture Accounting gives clients reassurance that they are setting up and running their business in the right way, so that they can do get on with doing what they do best.”

Why choose Venture Accounting?